Cove Ridge Center

Located atop Cove Ridge in scenic Natural Tunnel State Park, the Cove Ridge Center has the potential to become one of Southwest Virginia's most valuable educational resource facilities. Combined with Natural Tunnel State Park's unique natural resource, C.R.C. offers a wide variety of educational programs, which can be adapted to almost any course of study or career pursuit.

Within the 7,500 square foot facility, C.R.C. has a 100 seat capacity auditorium, 400 square foot classroom, adjoining state-of-the-art multi-media resource library and a dormitory capable of accommodating a maximum of 24 guests for extended usage. It's design allows maximum flexibility for day or evening use as a short or long term classroom facility or base camp for field study.

Although C.R.C. has the potential for other uses, we believe defining it's primary mission as an educational resource facility will enable us to access funding from a wider range of governmental and corporate entities and make it more attractive in terms of marketability.

Preliminary discussions with various school system/college administrators indicate a need for a facility such as C.R.C. in the Tri-city/Tri-state area.   The educational opportunities are almost limitless and the potential for cultivating relationships with educational, civic, and corporate leaders is almost as great.

Mission Statement

The Cove Ridge Center at Natural Tunnel State Park is a day use/overnight educational facility that incorporates educational principles and concepts within a natural resource environment. It's purpose is to provide unique outdoor educational and recreational experiences, activities, programs, and partnerships that will instill in educators, students and guests an appreciation and knowledge of the significant natural, cultural, recreational, and historical resources of the park site and surrounding region.

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